Drop of Water

This project was inspired by the briolette gemstone faceting design by Roland Arajs.  As I looked at the design, I thought of a shimmering droplet of water. Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones and Gems cut the design for me in Lithium Niobate.  

I have read Rumi poems and quotes over time and found the lovely short poem for this project.

You are not a drop in the ocean,

You are the entire ocean in a drop.

- Rumi

The Rumi quote captures the micro and macro in a profound manner. This saying reminds me of the depth of thought and life experience we all possess.  

Robert helped me create an inside out and outside in look in the graphic as well as nice lettering for the piece. 


Concept Rennie Castelino

Illustrator Rennie Castelino / Robert Asumendi 

Calligraphy Robert Asumendi

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