Zimbabwean Sphene (Titanite)

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This magnificent Sphene (Titanite) has an apple green hue with a medium tone. The faceted surfaces have been polished to an adamantine luster. This finished stone would face up radiantly in a clean setting or as a centerpiece in any collector stone set. 

Sphene usually is not available as a faceted stone above 2cts. We are so pleased to present this 5.3ct stone to our well-informed client base. This material comes from a new find in Zimbabwe and has a hue that is among the nicest we have seen in recent years. We are very happy to present this gemstone for sale to those who love high dispersion material as we do. 

The Fairy Wand design is a master cutter design that highlights the natural hue and dispersion of the faceted gem in a manner few other designs can match. 

Please contact us if you have questions about this gemstone. 


Stone: Natural Sphene (Titanite)

Origin: Zimbabwe

Treatment: None

Weight: 5.3 ct

Size 10.34 x 10.34 x 7.7 mm

Design: Fairy Wand Round Brilliant

Studio: Hashnu Stones & Gems

Verified: Stone Group Labs